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Summer, Another Three Seasons Away

Authors: Luana Yo ('25) and Mischka Suwandi ('24)

How was your summer break? This year’s summer break was different for many students and families; for most, this summer was the first time they had traveled in a while.

With Covid cases stabilizing, families traveled long and short distances this year. Covid has been a barrier for students, teachers, and parents to spend their vacations with freedom in the last two to three years. Still, this year they were able to travel to new places, experience new things, or re-encounter past experiences before Covid.

Some students, primarily high-schoolers, spent some time during the summer studying and preparing for the upcoming school year and their future. In the BAIS Times’ interview with her, Kezia Chandra (‘26) described her academic endeavors this summer.

“Studying at Queen’s College, Cambridge was the highlight of my summer,” Kezia noted to The BAIS Times, “ I stayed in a dorm on campus for two weeks, which helped me make many new friends.”

Photo Courtesy of Kezia Chandra

At Queen’s College, Kezia took courses in Creative Writing. “I was able to attend the summer course through a scholarship I won as a result of an essay-writing competition,” Kezia told The BAIS Times. “I wrote about why fantasy is my favorite literary genre.”

On the other hand, many BAIS students spent their summer vacation enjoying time off by ignoring school work and participating in fun activities they had more time for compared to school months.

“I was overwhelmed by the workload of multiple AP classes, so I dropped AP Language and enjoyed my vacation,” Noted Anssel Nugraha (‘24) to the BAIS Times.

Instead of reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, Anssel picked up a new hobby: basketball. “I found my passion in basketball when I started playing with my cousins over the summer.” With this experience, Anssel hopes to join the IISSAC basketball team this school year.

This summer, many students discovered new activities and hobbies due to less restricted COVID regulations. In his interview with The BAIS Times, Enrique Guo (‘24) recalled his summer adventures.

“I discovered I have an interest in fishing, reading, and wakeboarding. Although wakeboarding can be brutal, it’s totally worth it.”

Photo Courtesy of Enrique Guo

The BAIS Times’ interview with Rama Davy Putra (‘24) revealed his exciting endeavors this summer. Recalling one of his favorite experiences, Rama noted to The BAIS Times, “Skydiving. I started to enjoy skydiving, even though I initially thought it terrifying. I skydived myself, without a professional skydiver tandem to me.”

Even though Rama caught COVID this summer, he expressed positive feelings towards his overall break. “This summer was fun because I made the most of every second,” Rama told The BAIS Times, “I only wish that my sister would have been with me more.”

Since BAIS is an international school, it should be no surprise that students traveled all over the world this summer. Italy, Korea, Bali, and the US are just a few destinations BAIS students visited.

My family traveled to Gyeongju, South Korea to see historical sites,” Noted Joy Kim (‘25) to The BAIS Times. “Out of all the places we visited, though, the Chomsongdae observatory was my favorite.”

Photo Courtesy of Joy Kim

Rama went on a tour of Europe, visiting numerous countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Vatican City. In his interview with The BAIS Times, Rama recalled one of the most memorable times in his travels.

“I saw Pope Francis sitting in the center of Saint Peter Basilica. My dad and I got held back by security for trying to shake his hand. All that time, I thought it seemed fun being the Pope, but you have to possess incredible determination to do the job. ”

Photo Courtesy of Rama Putra

Nicholas Guo, class of ‘26, noted in his interview with The BAIS Times, “TravelingTravelling to Bali was a summer highlight because I haven’t been there in 4 years….”

Gwyneth Lie (‘27) went to Boston, Massachusetts this summer and attended a summer camp at Phillips Exeter. Reflecting on her time in Boston, Gwen noted, “Summer camp taught me a lot of things, especially the importance of family.”

Photo Courtesy of Gwyneth Lie

Summer this year has been filled with uncountable memories and feelings. There have been firsts for many; first time visiting a country, first time skydiving, first time going to summer camp, or first time experiencing life at sea. New hobbies discovered and new skills achieved, summer break has given fun, new experiences, and long-lasting memories.

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